APA. In Hoijer, H., & University of Chicago. (1954). Language in culture: Conference on the interrelations of language and other aspects of culture.


The actual formulation of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis was not undertaken by either Sapir or Whorf, but rather by one of Whorf's students, Harry Hoijer [ 1954 ].

—Eugene Dorfman in The Modern Language Journal 38:3.159-160 (1954). — Robert Léon Wagner in Journal de Psychologie 47.537-539 (1954). —Harry Hoijer  1954. By Eleanor Leacock. No. 79 / Language in Culture. 1954.

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- Volume 14 Issue 4 - Kuo-P'ing Chou Meaning Units - Greenberg in Hoijer 1954: 7-8) of a language that it attains to communicative power. Semantically considered, these build the structure of language. The field of a word involves at least three planes. Every word, or lexeme, in each of its chief senses, exists within a definitive field of other words which define the meaning of that word. up, too, for instance, in the work of Harry Hoijer (1904-1976), Kroeber7 s student and Sapiť s successor at the University of Chicago in 1931 (e.g., Hoijer 1951, 1953, 1954), whose role in the organized debate of SWH dur-ing the 1950s cannot be underestimated (Hoijer 1954). As well, the work IN RECENT years the anthropologists Whorf (12), Lee (9), and Hoijer (6) have put forward the view that language is a determinant of perception and thought. The nature of the determining influence exerted by the vocabulary of a language is quite clear (1), but it is less easy to see how the grammatical features of a language can affect cognition.

HARRY HOIJER. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1954. PP. xi, 286. $4.50. The views of the late Benjamin Whorf on the interrelations between language, culture, and mental processes continue to evoke keen interest. There is certainly something attractive about the idea that a language embodies the Weltanschauung of an entire culture

It has two branches, which are . Harry Hoijer & Franklin Fearing - 1954 - University of Chicago Press. Language in Culture: Conference on the Inter-Relations of Language and Other Aspects of Culture.

APA. In Hoijer, H., & University of Chicago. (1954). Language in culture: Conference on the interrelations of language and other aspects of culture.

Björn-Erik Höijer. Albert Bonniers Förlag, 1954. 0 Reviews  Isak Juntti hade många söner: skådespel i 4 akter. Front Cover. Björn-Erik Höijer. Bonnier, 1954 - 115 pages. 0 Reviews  av A Heith · 2016 — This article proposes that the Swedish writer Björn-Erik Höijer presents an exotified image of Laestadianism in his 1954 play Isak Juntti hade många söner (Isak  Höijer, Björn-Erik SOLVARGEN.

(University of Chicago Press.
Cognitive stress reaction

apr 2020 Björn-Erik Höijer var en svensk forfatter. Lapplands Hit hører blant annet et drama om læstadianismen, Isak Juntti hade många söner (1954). Hoijer, Harry. 1954.

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Birgitta Höijer, Det hörde vi allihop! elnätet outvecklat ända fram till 1954, då Vattenfall drar en el- des under åren 1951 till 1954 och blev en stor succé.

Hoijer's few works make up the bulk of material on this language.